The Name

The Southern Live Oak, a majestic tree prevalent in the coastal regions of the deep south — synonymous with strength, beauty and history — is the symbol that best represents Southern Oak Advisory.

The Southern Live Oak’s long life — spanning hundreds of years — is representative of the products we provide for our clients as they create, preserve and transfer wealth for generations. The strength and stability of the Live Oak’s extensive root system mirrors Southern Oak Advisory’s extensive network and steadfast dedication to creating long-lasting relationships with our clients in all seasons of life.

Finally, the Live Oak is symbolic of the south, a region known for hospitality, courtesy, multi-generational relationships, doing our best, and the home of Southern Oak Advisory.

The Firm

Long-Standing Relationships. Successful Results.

From making simple business connections, to creating a unique financial strategy designed specifically for each client, Southern Oak Advisory has a proven culture of care based on long-standing relationships rather than transactional tasks. These deep-rooted relationships help us help our clients because we have been listening to their needs for quite some time. We want what they want and together this type of business model has helped our clients and our company succeed and grow.

Our Team

Find Out What Makes SOA Different

Whether it’s banks selling insurance, or attorneys managing investments, many companies expand their services hoping to get more pieces of your financial pie. Southern Oak Advisory does the opposite. We stay focused so we can narrow our offerings and give the best counsel for the client. We build relationships with experts in other disciplines to offer a resilient referral network, providing our clients with unparalleled expertise, no matter what their business need may be. We want to be there to serve others and make their lives better. Smart but strategic...Southern Oak Advisory is here to help you.